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    Preserving Skagit County's rural character by protecting the environment, supporting        sustainable resource based economies and promoting livable urban communities.


Skagit County Code 14.44 Enforcement - Update on Citizens' Work

After 40 plus hours of work by a volunteer citizens' group and three meetings (one lead by Comm. Wesen and one lead by Comm. Dahlstedt), Ryan Walters, Prosecuting Attorney's Office staff presented the final draft to the BOCC on September 16, 2014.  Friends thanks the many citizens who wrote comments and scheduled time to attend these working meetings and the public meetings.  This model of using citizen committee to propose updates to the Skagit County code has proven to be a good way to work on the issues.  Special thanks to Roger Mitchell, Randy and Aileen Good, Ed Stauffer, Andrea Xaver, Ellen Bynum and Paul Taylor for their time and work.

On September 16, 2014 the Board of County Commissioners decided to allow two additional weeks for public comment on the new and final draft of the changes to the Skagit County Code Section 14.44.  The BOCC will adopt the final draft under the consent agenda after the public comment period has closed.  You can read the new and old versions of the Section 14.44  code here.

Additional changes in the procedures that the Planning and Development Services Code Enforcement Officer uses in notifying citizens and working with them to achieve compliance were given to the BOCC in testimony on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014.  You can view this information on Skagit 21, click on On Demand programs and select BOCC meetings and the date. 

Public Comments  on Proposed Enforcement Changes Extended to September 30, 2014.


Click here to submit comments to the BOCC via the web.

Original dealine for public comments was May 22, 2014 4:30 pm.

In a hearing on April 23rd, the Board of County Commissioners gave a group of citizens 30 days to suggestion revisions to the proposed revision of Skagit Co. Code 14.44 Enforcement.


Click here to review the Proposed Revisions to SCC Chapter 14.44:  Enforcement/Penalties posted on the County website on the Commissioners page








Preserving Skagit County's rural character by protecting the environment, supporting sustainable, resource-based economics and promoting livable urban communities.

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